Blog Writing
and Email Newsletter Copywriting

for companies who don’t have the time to write themselves.

Writing a regular

blog post

Regular blogging will help you with your Search Engine Optimisation. Google likes fresh, new content and writing an interesting blog post that contains beneficial information for your clients, will help increase visitors to your website.

All your blog posts written for you by an experienced copywriter

If you’re too busy running your business to write regularly  – let me write your blogs for you.

A regular blog post provides a great opportunity to write in more detail about your company, your products and what you do. It allows your customers to build up a picture of your personality and your company values. Overtime they will consider you to be an expert in your line of work and  will think of you when they need your services.

Any aspect of your company or company’s services which you think will be of interest to your customers whether it’s an event, a new client or a new product, can be written about as a blog. A blog post allows you greater scope for providing more in-depth information than other forms of social media writing and it can be keyword optimised for better SEO ranking.

Time saving Blog Writing Services

The key to a successful blog post is interesting content and commitment. You need to be writing a fresh, newsworthy blog on a relevant topic at least weekly so you don’t get lost in the social media mire.

If you want to get blogging but don’t have the time, I can write them for you.

Writing a




An e-newsletter is another great way to stay in touch with your clients and connect with potential new clients. It’s also a way of showing your breadth of  knowledge in your area of expertise, and this increases a client’s confidence and trust in you.

However, to create a successful e-newsletter you do have to put the effort in, ensuring that it provides plenty of useful information for your customers so that they will be interested in reading it.

There are so many other e-newsletters out there that you have to make sure people will want to sign up to yours (and they do have to sign-up and opt-in, you can’t just send it). You do this by writing a newsletter that’s full of relevant, topical information, useful articles, tips, advice and where appropriate links to other sites that might be beneficial.

If you can do that, then an e-newsletter is really valuable online marketing. If you would like to do that, but don’t’ have the time, then I can do it for you.

Simple pricing, let’s get started.

Blog Copywriting Plan


Per post

Up to 500 words per page

Keyword research

SEO optimised content

1 client edit

Multiple Blog packages
also available. POA

Email Newsletter Copywriting


Per page

Up to 500 words per page


1 client edit

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