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Social Media Marketing is an essential component of your marketing plan.

Today social media marketing is considered an essential component of any comprehensive marketing plan.

Social media is great for business as it allows us to:

  • Engage in conversation directly with customers and potential customers
  • Build and develop relationships
  • Share relevant and interesting information
  • Increase recognition of your company
  • Spreads word of mouth promotion
  • Informs people of news and events

All you have to do is join the conversation on your preferred social media platform (Twitter, Linked-In etc) and start building a network of followers.

Social media marketing sounds easy?

Well, it is and it isn’t. It isn’t complicated but social media marketing will only achieve results if it’s well planned and consistently executed. It is also essential that what you post is regular, relevant and beneficial to your customers.

Social Media Marketing is free regarding upfront costs. However, it requires a huge investment of your time to do it properly. It can be a massive drain if you don’t plan wisely.

If you are thinking I know I should be doing all this and I know it will be beneficial to me business but I simply can’t find the time then…


Let me run your social media marketing campaign for you:



I will devise a Social Media Marketing Plan with you and decide which social media sites are most appropriate for your business


Post regularly

I will post regularly for you each month across the chosen platforms (eg: Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in, Google +)


Monitor activity

Regular analysis of what social media platforms are working well for you and why and refining your social media approach accordingly.

Simple pricing, let’s get started.

Social Media
Marketing Plan


Per week

Up to 5 tweets per week

1 x Facebook post

SEO optimised content

Planned campaign

Contact Carolyn today 07711 791683

Let me help you with your online & offline marketing today.


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