Website Copywriting
with Search Engine Optimised content

With great content your websites will rise above the rest.

Nearly every business has a website, so how do your makes yours rise above the rest and rank highly with search engines.
Your websites Search Engine Results Page is important when you look at the stats…


75% of users never scroll past the first page


The top 3 rankers get 61% of all the search clicks

Your website must be written with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind, so people find your website in their search for your service or product.

I provide SEO copywriting that will help your website rank higher.

Keyword Research

  • Keywords are the words or phrases people use when searching the web for products or services. The inclusion of these keywords in your website content is essential for making sure your pages are found more easily by search engines.
  • I research the most appropriate keywords and synonyms for each page of your website.
  • Long tail keywords: I include long tail keywords into your website copywriting. A long tail keyword is a phrase with at least 3 words in, for example, instead of saying just Shoes, we might put High Heel Red Shoes. These words help when  somebody is being very specific about what they are looking for. They highlight the specifics of a page and tend to draw in web traffic that is more likely to convert to a sale or new business.

Content Writing

  • I incorporate your keywords into great content that is well written, thoroughly researched and informative.
  • Search engines like text to be well structured and easy to read. The copy I write for your website will meet this requirement.

Web Design Ready

The website content I write for you is structured to incorporate all the requirements needed by your web designer:

  • Titles for every landing page with keywords.
  • The Meta description: the page description seen by search engines; it must be a succinct description of each landing page.
  • Headlines: Each page must have the correct Header Tags – at least one Headline Tag (H)1 and one Sub Head Tag (H2).

Every page of your website will be set out like this, making it easier for your website designer to incorporate straight into your website design.

My website copywriting process

1. Research

Thorough research is essential to write effectively on your behalf. In addition to any brief you provide, I take the time to read and research your business, your values, your customers and your ambitions/goals. Only then is it possible to write knowledgeably and credibly on behalf of your company.

2. SEO Keyword Planning

Keywords are the words people are likely to use when searching for your services. Once we have decided on the appropriate keywords for your business, I will incorporate them into your website to help your search rankings. However, Google is very wary of ‘keyword stuffing’ – as a copywriter I will ensure your keywords are woven naturally and fluidly into informative text.

3. Copywriting & Edits

Once the research and keyword planning are complete, I will turn your information into well written, compelling copy for your web pages that will provide you with an effective marketing tool for your business.

Simple pricing,

let’s get started.

Website SEO Copywriting


Per page

Up to 300 words per page

Engaging, original copy

Keyword research
for each landing page

SEO optimised content

Web Designer/Developer ready

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